EuroCost International proposes that Living Conditions should be included in the remuneration policy of every organization. This product is an essential tool when the home country and the country of expatriation present sensitive differences concerning climate, cultural environment, security conditions, etc...

The living conditions can be used in conjunction with the cost of living index or can be used to calculate a premium.

  • Assessed Criteria

    Research conducted among the expat community worldwide has led EuroCost International to determine 41 basic criteria that reflect the hardship of living experienced by expats. Those 41 criteria are aggregated in 8 main groups to finally result in the living conditions for each location.

    These 8 groups are:

    1. Security conditions
    2. Geographical distance
    3. Culture and leisure
    4. Climate and natural disasters
    5. Pollution and environment
    6. Hygiene and health
    7. Infrastructure and services
    8. Economic environment

    Each of those criteria is assessed and weighted to determine its particular influence in the quality of life of expats.

  • One service, two reports

    Two different reports can be provided, depending of the way living conditions will be used.

    • Living Conditions : Report about the expat location exclusively. It is based on all of the 41 studied criteria.
    • Living Condition Index : Comparaison of the living conditions in both the home and expat locations. This comparison is based on the studied criteria, except for those relating to geographical distance.

Living conditions are updated annually at the beginning of the year for more than 320 locations.

The living conditions indices are published quarterly and can be customised according to the specific needs of any company.

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