Housing is one of the most essential aspects of any expatriation policy, hence EuroCost International conducts yearly detailed surveys on rents for expatriates around the world.

Our data reflect the local rental market for expats, ranging from studios to large detached houses. Prices refer to monthly rent of unfurnished dwellings.

For each location, the lowest, highest and average rents are specified for each type of housing. The average price per square meter is also specified to ease direct comparison between home and host countries. Our rent surveys present figures for two consecutive years to highlight the evolution of the prices.

They do not only focus on price information, but they also provide comments on the specific areas surveyed, on the local customs regarding contract or payment, or on the most efficient way to find one's home.

Rent surveys are conducted once a year by EuroCost International price surveyors and consultants. They are available for over 230 locations worldwide.

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