At a time when Europe is growing, EuroCost International has decided to settle in the very heart of it, in Luxembourg.


A major force of EuroCost International is its human capital, with confirmed experts of expatriation and cost of living.


When our collaborators help you to manage the international mobility of your company, they do not only share their expertise with you, but also the experience acquired during the numerous missions they have conducted and, for some of them, their own experience of expatriation.


Another force of EuroCost International is an ever-increasing network of surveyors that collects all the necessary information to update our data. Those surveyors conduct acurate price surveys in more than 200 countries.


Over the years, EuroCost International has gained the trust of its customers around the world. The quality and flexibility of our services can meet the expectancies of multinational groups as well as those of smaller companies, official institutions or charities.

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