Each company has its own remuneration policy for short mission business trips.

That is why EuroCost International offers a flexible system that only takes into account the elements effectively borne by companies.

Based on hotel prices, our mission expenses also include restaurant costs as well as other small expenses incurred during such a trip like, for example, telephone or taxi.

The indemnity is detailed into several categories of expenses; a price range and an average price are provided for each of them. Some general comments complement the figures.

The indemnity can be customised by the selection of the quality level of the hotels required (from comfortable to luxury) or by the exclusion of some categories of expenses.

According to the countries, we always use the most appropriate currency for the calculation of the mission expenses, either the local currency or the USD according to the specific economic reality of each country. The equivalent amounts in euros are always specified.

Mission expenses are updated twice a year. Data are collected in March and September and published 3 months later.

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