Exchange rates fluctuations

Second quarter 2018


Our upcoming cost of living indices are being prepared (June 2018 surveys). Until they are published, here is a selection of most significant exchange rate changes, measured between March and June 2018. These variations, calculated against the Euro, will probably have an important impact on our next indices.


 2018 2tr Exchange rates fluctuations EN

  • Most notably, the US dollar strengthened against the euro, gaining more than 7% in three months. Many other currencies, linked to the US dollar, are facing the same trend.
  • In Venezuela, the introduction of a new currency, the Bolivar Soberano has been postponed until August. In the meantime, the Bolivar Fuerte still depreciates (around 45% loss in one quarter).
  • We can also notice the strong decline of the Argentinian peso, which will probably lead to a significant decrease of cost of living for expatriates in this country.

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